Honest taxi driver rewarded P220K worth of scholarship and guaranteed work abroad from Australian national!

Baguio City Philippines – A taxi driver who returned the luggage left by Trent Shields an Australian businessman goes viral.

Reggie Cabututan the taxi driver brought back the bag to Shield who completely forgot in cab after getting off at Calle Uno Coworking Space. The bag containing gadgets, some cash and some important documents.

Ace Estrada, who is Shield’s friend narrated the incident in a Facebook post and became viral; earning more than 4,000 shares and more than 23,000 reactions.

Besides earning praises from social media, Cabututan’s admirable deed, the Baguio City government awarded a certificate of commendation to the honest taxi driver during their flag ceremony on Monday, January 23.

According to Estrada, Shields had to cancel his flight to return to Baguio so he can attend the ceremony honoring the honest cabbie.

In his latest update on Monday, Estrada said the Vivixx Academy of Baguio and Coder Factory Academy of Australia has decided to award Cabututan with a Certificate of Scholarship worth P220,000.

This means that the honest cabbie can go to six-months Coding Boot Camp which will start in June 2017.

For Reggie’s efforts and honesty, he will also be offered a guaranteed internship at an Australian company “leading to a job that will pay him a starting salary of up to 1.7 Million Pesos per year”.
Watch Shield’s short speech at the flag ceremony uploaded by Ace Estrada:

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