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Amazing: Brave Brothers Go Viral for Catching a Huge Snake Using Their Bare Hands

Most of us would run away if we encountered a snake, no matter how small or big it is. Because even the non-venomous snake can still be dangerous.

A video of two kids in Cambodia have gone viral for bravely catching a huge snake using their bare hands! These kids are certainly brave.

Footage of the incredible catch was captured by another boy who later shared it on social media and picked up by Simple Life and reposted on YouTube.

In the video, the two kids walking in muddy creek while carrying a net to catch fish. They began to spread the net and when they were ready to catch some fish, one of the kid felt something strange in the water.

The boys noticed that it was a snake. They immediately ran to the bank for their safety. But for curiosity, they soon went back to try and catch it!

One of the boys was able to grab the snake by its tail and drag it to the shore. The snake angrily tried to take a bite one of the boys. Amazingly the boys knew how to distract the snake.

The angry snake trapped one of the boys, but they ultimately, they won. While they were not able to catch fish, they bring home a snake for dinner for the family.

Watch these brave boys in action:

Source: buzzflare

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