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Mayor Marries a Crocodile to ‘Bring Luck’ To Local Fishermen

A mayor in the southern town of San Pedro Huamelula in Mexico has married a crocodile in a bizarre ritual aimed at bringing good luck to the local fishermen. The crocodile was dressed in a white bridal and the mayor, Victor Aguilar, sealed the marriage with a kiss. The crocodile’s mouth was taped shut.

This tradition dates back hundreds of years and symbolizes the union of two indigenous groups that were in conflict in pre-Hispanic times. The groups are the Chontales and the Huaves.

According to the legend, the conflict between the groups ended when the son of the Chontales king and the daughter of the Huaves king fell in love and got married. In modern times, the town’s mayor represents the prince of the Chontales while the crocodile represents the princess of the Huaves.

The crocodile was paraded through the town in fanfare and music before the ceremony started. There was even more fanfare after the ceremony. Mayor Victor Aguilar told reporters: “The Mareños Huaves call the crocodile a princess and the role I play is being the husband to the princess.”

Source: gossip.naij

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