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Obsessed Man Throws Woman down from the 19th Floor for Liking Another Man

A 26-year-old Chinese woman fell to his death from the 19th-floor after she was caught talking with someone on the phone.

This incident happened last March 21, 2017 in China for ending the life of the lady whom he admired for many years. The suspect is a 27-year-old man only known as Xue from Hangzhou, China.

The guy was reported attracted to this lady for 8 years and has been in love with her since they were high school classmates.
His feelings for her grew stronger when he left China and flew to

the United States to study college. In one of their conversations, the man expressed his feelings to the lady but she said she wasn’t ready for a relationship yet and would prefer to just get to know each other better.

In order to win her heart, the man has exerted his best efforts. He showered the woman with luxury bags and expensive jewelries. He also reportedly took her on expensive vacations TWICE!

In February of this year, the man managed to get the woman to move in with him, with the two being housemates.

One day, the man had discovered a picture of the woman with another man displayed on a frame near her bed. He became so upset and felt pity on himself thinking for 8 years, he never had the chance to even once take a photo with her.

He also overheard the lady talking with someone on the phone saying she knew he was after her but she didn’t like him at all. That night, the man was unable to sleep as he was lamenting on what he heard and saw.

The following day, the disturbed man stormed into the lady’s room, picked her up and threw her off the balcony from the 19th floor of the apartment.

On August 23, the man stood in court as he faced a case of murder for ending the life of the lady whom he admired for many years.

As of this writing, the verdict has not yet been announced but the lady’s family hopes the man will suffer the consequences of what he did to the lady and that justice will be given for her untimely death.

Source: thecoverage

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