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The 15 Most Expensive Liquids On Earth, Some Of Which We Even Use

LIQUID PAPER — $150 Per Gallon Liquid Paper is a correction pen that helps you fix written mistakes. Today this item has become quite multifunctional: you can use it to create unique textures, add glitter to it, and use it for handmade projects. The ingredients (solvent naphtha, mineral spirits, dispersants, and fragrances) that a small bottle contains make it so pricey. PENICILLIN — $226 Per Gallon Penicillin is a large group of antibiotics that […]


She’s 50-Years Old But No One Believes Her. She Reveals Her Secret What She Does Every Night Before Going to Sleep

Her name is Candy Lo and she is 50-years-old. Yes, I’s hard to believe, especially with her flawless, wrinkle-free complexion and super-trim body. This young looking Chinese model has been showcasing her age-defying figure and charm for the launch of her new photo book– “Timeless”. Currently she lives in Hong Kong and she is a […]