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10 Signs A Girl May Be Interested In You

There are some signs and behaviours that for men aren’t obvious concerning female interest in us. We all like to think that women are interested in us. How can we be sure? Often a guy is doubtful or uncertain about approaching a girl, or maybe doesn’t know what a girl is feeling, so he might act with more caution.

Our brain is designed to recognize a fake smile and a spontaneous one. If she is constantly smiling, or laughing openly, those are signs she is enjoying the moment or that she is happy at least for that moment. Spontaneous laughter and sometimes nervous laughter can be interpreted as signs of interest. We are more likely to like someone that is smiling than someone angry or serious.

Physical contact
If a woman touches your arm, touches your clothes, or rests an arm on you it’s a sign of approach Physical proximity and body language that shows openness is a sign that she is approachable. Don’t waste it!

She is playing with her hair
Women often comb, touch, or caress their hair. It’s something they do automatically, 20% it’s a biological function to attract others.

They agree with us on everything
When a woman likes someone she will find ways of agreeing and complimenting you, this may seem occasional or explicit, depending on level of confidence.

She will remember details
If a woman is interested in you, even though she might seem distracted, she will remember personal details about you, or about your stories.

They are watching you, or trying to catch your eye
If you catch women watching you, giving you the look, or notice she is looking it might be a sign that she found you interesting, or at least appealing. That doesn’t mean that you have it all, just a green light to be more confident.

They pose with poise
If a woman is sitting beside you she might cross her legs several times or adopt a seductive pose. They might try to sit straight or use better posture, showing their natural attributes.

They face us.
When a woman feels attracted to someone she will bend slightly toward the person, approaching their face. Women like to speak directly, and the axis of the head-face-eyes is a fundamental sign that a woman is attracted to us.

Slightly distanced feet.
Research shows that when a woman stands her equilibrium tells us what emotion she is feeling. If both legs are tight, stiff, or un-expressive their passion isn’t evident. If legs are slightly open, or if she is playing with her feet or ankles that could be a good sign.

They are not afraid of proximity.
If you approach her with a kiss, a caress, light touch, or you touch her hands and she seems comfortable and at the same time nervous, that’s a definite good sign, at least for that day, you might be lucky!

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