The Color of Your Underwear Reveals Naughty Things About You

Almost 72 percent of women are opting for colors that do not stand out much from the color of their body.

Red panties means that the girl is not shy, white panties mean that she is willing to learn, and pink panties mean that she is willing to take the leading role among the sheets.

More and more girls are choosing underwear that hides less. The colors at the end of the spectrum, which are red, orange and yellow, can create a sense of excitement, and they can increase your blood pressure, heart rate and speed up your breathing.

Your bra also carries a certain message.
Namely small skin color bra shows that the woman is standing firmly on the ground, she is secure in herself, she is relaxed and has nothing to hide. Red bra means that the woman has energy and passion. This types of women are not shy about asking for what they want. Black bra means that that woman is a strong, passionate, but also a subtle person. White bra is a sign of that is innocent but open-to-suggestion. A woman who opts for a white bra is usually a willing learner.’

Source: yourstylishlife

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