Tips For Surviving A Heart Attack If You Are Alone

Heart Attacks often occur when people are alone at the time of heart attack and could not help themselves. Sometimes symptoms begin slowly and last for a longer time, which means you have time or a chance so save ourselves if we react quickly and efficient.

Watch for the symptoms they are the way your body is warning you. Here are some:
-if you feel sharp pain in the chest like knife stabbing that doesn’t relieve by rest
-pain in both arms
-radiating pain in the neck, stomach or jaw
-nausea, dizziness, and difficulty breathing

If you have all of this symptoms, try following this simple tips that will make a huge difference:
-increase the oxygen by opening a window and taking a deep breath
-cough every 5 seconds, it helps to open every blockage there is
-omit intake of any food or liquate
-call for help and leave the phone open so in case something happens they will be able to track your call

And the most important is to try to stay conscious as long as you can until the paramedics arrive.
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