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Fish Vendors Begged to Pay in Installments after Hitting Lamborghini, But Rich Owner Waives Their Payment

It is common knowledge that the more costly a vehicle is, the more you are probably going to pay in everything– taxes, enlistment charges, accessories, and repair!

In this way, when a couple who were fish vendors hit a Lamborghini with their battered old car, they knew for sure they are going to pay damages that might cost more than their ratty old car! As indicated by a post on Good Times, the occurrence occurred in Nonthaburi Province, Thailand.

The Lamborghini was just simply sitting by the roadside when the fish vendor couple’s vehicle accidentally hit its back, prompting to several scratches. The poor couple almost blacked out subsequent to seeing the damage, knowing they would need to pay a great deal of cash for the vehicle’s repair regardless of whether the supercar just endured scratches.

The couple quickly went down their vehicle, kissed the Lamborghini repeatedly to ask forgiveness, and begged its owner to let them pay in installments as they could not even afford to buy insurance for their own car but would not also run away from their responsibilities since the accident was their fault.

Seeing the couple’s scared faces and hearing them deal, the rich owner decided to not let them pay for the damages they incurred on the car! Truly, it was kind of him to waive the payment, right?

Rather, he acknowledged their offer for installments — not to him but to the temple as charity. The rich man advised the two to ‘pay’ the sanctuary 3000 Thai Baht ($92) for around 10 times, yet just when they can and just for philanthropy.

He would later become famous on social media over what he had done. His response to the situation was also quite classy.

The man stated, “I do not want to brag that I am rich but the reason is I do not want this couple to compensate me for the damages caused to my car is because I want people to learn to forgive others. My car is very expensive and so what? If this accident was not done deliberately, shouldn’t we forgive others with an open heart?”
He likewise urged others to help the destitute and be more accommodating with the requirements of others…

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