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Tourist Dies After Being Bitten By A Cobra While Posing For A Photo

A tourist in India tragically lost his life while posing for a photo with a cobra.

The man is posing for a picture with the venomous snake when the serpent strikes him on the cheek, injecting a deadly dose of venom.

Unluckily, when he asked the charmer if he had been bitten he was ignored completely until he lost consciousness.

And worse thing, instead of bringing the victim to the hospital they took him to a medicine man in Jodhpur, India but he died within an hour.

Cobra venom can lead to paralysis, respiratory failure, heart failure and even death no matter where you are bitten. In this man’s case, he was nibbled in the head – instant effect.
According to the University of Michigan, “Cobras have several methods for delivering their deadly venom to their prey. Some cobras can spit their venom into a victim’s eyes, causing extreme pain and blindness. However, the most common and well-known method of venom delivery is injection into a victim’s body through their bite. The only way to counteract the effects of cobra venom (or most other poisonous snake venoms) is to inject the appropriate anti-venom shortly after the bite occurs.”

“If anti-venom is unavailable, your life can still be saved by putting you on an artificial respirator until the paralysis of the diaphragm muscle wears off.”

Watch the video:

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