17 Curious Phenomena That Occur On Our Planet

17. The Mysterious Ooze In China In 2013

It was a night in China in the year 2013. Suddenly, something strange and smelly started oozing out from the middle of the road. And after a little while, this oozing foam apparently started going back into the same 1-cm-wide crack.
None of the speculations that were made about it was confirmed. Though the authorities gave an official announcement saying that the ooze was accidentally leaked from a nearby subway construction site, many didn’t believe this to be the truth..

16. The Eye Of The Sahara

Known as the Richat Structure, it looks like a big wide eye, and this where it gets its name from, the Eye of the Sahara. With a diameter of 40 km, the eroded dome-like structure was first interpreted as an asteroid impact. However, later, it was concluded by geologists to be a highly symmetrical and deeply eroded geological dome.

15. The Black Crack In The White Rim Trail

The Black Crack is a natural fissure in Canyonlands National Park. It is said that the White Rim Trail, where the crack is situated, was used by cowboys and miners in earlier times to get to the lower benches of Canyonlands.

14. The Bioluminescent Bloom

The bioluminescent bloom in Hong Kong, also known as sea sparkle, is said to have been formed by farm pollution, which can be devastating to marine life and local fisheries.

13. The Rainbow Mountains Of China

Certainly, a great inspiration for beautiful paintings, these rainbow mountains exist in China. Situated in Zhangye Danxia Landform Geological Park, these are truly nature’s wonderful creation.

12. The Crooked Forest

Planted in 1930, there are around 400 pine trees bending strangely northward. And it’s still a mystery why they are like that.

11. Blood Falls

Located in Antartica, they were found in 1911 by the Australian geologist Griffith Taylor. While it was first thought that red colour was imparted by the red algae, later it was confirmed that Blood Falls gets its red colour from oxidized iron in briny saltwater.

10. The Ijen Volcano

Blue is not considered cool in here. The Ijen Volcano has been known for its blue lava and is another of nature’s marvels. Located in East Java, Indonesia, it is a group of composite volcanoes. The bright blue colour is the result of sulfuric gases burning at a very high temperature of above 360°C. When these gases come into contact with the oxygen in air, it turns blue.

9. Pyura Chilensis — The Living Rock

It is extremely weird to the eye, but they say it tastes good, it is actually a marine filter-feeder which is similar to sea squirts but with no brain or sensory organs.

8. The Underwater Waterfall

This underwater waterfall is adding another dimension to the scenic beauty of Mauritius. Defying all the laws of physics, it is flowing like a mystery.

7. Lightning Storm Volcano Eruption In Chile

If you happen to see this for real, you would be able to picture how the end of the world would look like! It was every bit horrifying as the volcano eruption was accompanied by lightning bolts. The reason for this magnificent occurrence was the electrification of rising ash particles by the magma. Lightning is generally observed in the lower part of a developing ash plume.

6. Ice Hole In Antarctica

The mysterious hole in Antarctica surfaced in October 2017, leaving scientists astonished. It’s big — almost 30,000 square miles — and was detected by a robotic float capable of operating underneath sea ice.

5. Snow Donuts Or Snow Rollers

These ice-tire looking like shape formation a rare meteorological phenomenon that is generally cylindrical in shape. They are hollow from the centre because the ice deposits in the centre are held by a very fragile bond and hence they wear out owing to the winds.

4. Red Rain In Kerala

In 2001, the southern Indian state of Kerala was left in amazement. It was pouring red rain, and it stained everyone’s clothes pink. At first, some kind of meteor strike was blamed.

However, later studies confirmed that the cause for the color red was airborne spores from locally prolific terrestrial green algae from the genus Trentepohlia. The phenomenon later reoccurred in 2012 in India and Sri Lanka.

3. The Taos Hum

People in Taos have heard a spooky hum through the day and night and the reasons for that constant sound is still not known.

2. The White Rainbow Or the Fog Bow

The White Rainbow or Fog Bow is actually caused by very small water droplets that form multiple pale rings caused by diffraction.

1. The Desert Rose

Yes, they exist, they are formations of crystal clusters of gypsum or baryte, which include a lot of sand grains.

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