World’s Hairiest Woman Shaves for the First Time to Marry the Love of Her Life

17-year-old Supatra “Nat” Susuphan (nicknamed ‘Chewbacca,’) holds the world’s title for the hairiest girl in the world in 2010. Supatra was suffering from a rare syndrome called ‘Ambras Syndrome’, also known as the Werewolf Syndrome. Her face and entire body is almost completely covered in hair.

Her condition, which only around 50 people in the world are known to have suffered from since the Middle Ages.

According to her father Samrerng, she began shaving when she finally met the person who made her heart flutter.

Her father has confirmed that though she still suffers from Ambras Syndrome, she started shaving her face and body after marrying the one who has become the love of her life.

Natty has all amazing and lovely things to say about her husband on Facebook where the caption of a photo read, “not just my first lover, you’re the love of my life.”

Source: rt

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