Chinese Students Gets Frozen Hair after Walking 4.5 Kilometres in Freezing Cold Just to Go to School

A Chinese schoolboy’s fate has caught the attention of millions of people after a picture of his icicle hair became widely shared online. He braved minus nine degree weather to sit an exam.

The kid, from rural China, had just spent more than an hour walking 4.5 kilometres (2.8 miles) to school on a harsh winter morning, according to reports.

Wearing a thin layer of clothes, the boy braved minus nine degree weather to take a test in school in a small town in Shaotong, southern China’s Yunnan Province.

The boy has been identified as Wang Fuman, 8-years old a third-grade pupil at the Zhuanshanbao Primary School in Xinjie Town, Ludian County.

He comes from a less-fortunate family.

The headmaster of the school, surnamed Fu, said the child’s home is far from school and he spends more than an hour walking to school every day.

His classroom does not have heating.

According to the headmaster, the temperature plunged to minus nine degrees suddenly

The school gate was also covered with frost as the temperature dropped all of sudden

Headmaster Fu said the school’s final examinations started yesterday, but the temperature plunged to minus nine degrees suddenly in the morning. As a result, the boy’s hair and eyebrows were completely covered by frost when he arrived.

Apparently when the boy’s 16 classmates saw him entering the classroom, they giggled at his funny looks.

The boy didn’t seem to be bothered by the adverse weather either.

‘The child is cute. He pulled a funny face to his classmates,’ Headmaster Fu said.

According to the headmaster, the boy is a hard-working pupil with a particular gift in mathematics.

Fuman lives in a bare mud house with his grandmother and his elder sister. The eight-year-old said his father works as a migrant worker in another city and his mother had abandoned them

The boy has frostbite on his hands because he has to help his grandmother do farm work

Fuman (right) poses with his elder sister in their dim-lit house in Ludian County, Yunnan A picture taken by People’s Daily shows the boy putting his cracked hands against a marked examination paper. The examination paper said the boy had achieved 99 per cent in maths.

Fuman told a reporter from Pear Video that he got frostbite on his hands because he had to help his grandmother do farm work.
He also said he hadn’t seen his father for a few months and missed him a lot.

After seeing the boy’s picture online, many Chinese web users were moved by his dedication to studying, and expressed wishes of supporting him.

One user encouraged the child on Weibo: ‘Study hard to change your destiny. I believe you can.’

Another user lamented: ‘The wealth gap in China is too big. Whenever I see news like this, I think of the weak side behind China’s prosperous appearance.’


Source: cetusnews , dailymail

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