These Gorgeous Women You Won’t Believe Were Actually Born as Men

If we didn’t know, we definitely wouldn’t be able to tell that they weren’t born female!

Yes! These gorgeous ladies were actually born as men. Many netizens expressed amazed after learning that the photos of gorgeous ladies were actually those of transgenders who were born as boys.

These transgenders are just some of the most beautiful lady boys in Thailand where it is actually easy to shift genders because surgeries are even available at spas, alongside offers for massage and diamond peels.

Here are 7 beautiful women who were not a biologically born as females but chose to become women:

1. Monthana Jeen

Jeen, 20, made headlines in local media after showing up at the mandatory-for-men military draft in Thailand. No one would believe she’s actually a man — until they saw her birth certificate.

2. Woranun Frame

Just like Monthana, Woranun shocked people when she attended the military draft for men. She looks too delicate to become a soldier, yes?

3. Rinrada Yoshi

Yoshi is known for her “doll face” on social media. Because of her looks, Rinrada became an actress — and you guessed it right, she plays female roles.

4. Treechada Poyd

Just like Rinrada, Treechada is also an actress. She also acts as role model for transgenders to follow their dreams.

5. Patta Nadia

Crowned as Miss Mimosa Queen Thailand in 2015, Patta would go on to become a dancer and freelance model.

6. Nathachat Hana

A lot of people are greatly surprised that Nathachat was born male. While her features weren’t exactly delicate, she looks like someone who would win international beauty pageants for females.

7. Chananchida Blossom

Chananchida is also a contestant on the The Face Thailand Season 3, she rise to fame after joining this modeling show. Chananchida finished first runner up but went on to become a popular model.

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