Man Hit by Train While Posing for ‘Stupid’ Selfie

A young man identified as Siva was hit by a train while dangerously posing for a selfie in South Indian city of Hyderabad. 

In the video footage filmed by 22 year old Siva, he can be seen posing for selfie, standing very close to the tracks, as the train approaches him. 

A voice can be heard in the background warning him that he is too close to the track. But Siva just says “wait” in response and gets ready to take the shot with a smiling face. 

Siva ignores the train, which blares its siren loudly in warning.

And disaster strikes! Being too close to the track, he was hit by the side part of the train!

As the train hits him, the image goes blank, but the phone continues to record the audio for over a minute catching the commotion that followed. 

Siva collapsed to the ground bleeding, his friends who had accompanied him, rushed him to a hospital.

According to his friends Siva wanted to touch the train as it passed. The police said that more than the train, it was the force of the wind which knocked him down.

Police Superintendent Ashok Secunderabad Railway said, his staff noticed Siva’s stunt and had asked him to move away but he did not listen.

A case of trespassing has been filed against Siva.

Watch the video below…

Source: wereblog

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