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94-Year-Old Woman, still going strong and she still has no plans to retire working At McDonalds

Loraine Maurer 94-year-old started working at McDonald’s since 1973, and her job has serving friendship.
She’s been serving for 44 years and no plans of retiring and she still enjoys what she does every day.

Dozens of loyal customers visiting the Evansville, Indiana location where she works to celebrate her 44 years of service, the Evansville Courier Press reported

She has four children and all of them have retired. Maurer told local news channel WFIE that she doesn’t want to stop working.

“I can’t quit,” Maurer said. “It’s a reason to get up in the morning. The people are all nice.”

Maurer works the breakfast shift on Friday and Saturday, waking up at 3 a.m. and arriving at 5 a.m. to serve coffee and oatmeal made the “Loraine way.” Customers say that only Maurer can make oatmeal correctly.

She has been eating Mc Donald’s for every shift or even on days that she isn’t working she goes to McDonald’s for her meals. Her favorite meal: the Filet-o-Fish.

Source: today

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