Here’s What a Woman’s Hair Length Tells About Her Personality

Believe it or not, the length of your hair says more of your personality than you think. Here are some hair lengths, which really tell you a thing or two more about yourself.

1. Bob hair or above the shoulder hairstyle
You are a woman who has the stamina to face her challenges and speak the truth in front of others even though it hurts. You are bold and talented. You are fearless. You’re fearless, bold and intelligent, who can’t stand routine but love experimenting with new things in all areas.

2. Pixie hair or very short hair
You are a confident woman who loves to like a creative work which makes you more intelligent. You are sincere to others and also keep long term friendships. No one can let you down. You are a social woman and mature as well. In other terms, you are also a flirt girl who really likes to look always young and cool.

3. Lob hair or shoulder length cut
You are an expert in making new friendships and maintaining them. You love challenges and new projects. You are a happy girl with your feminine and decent appearance. Your kind acts and natural beauty melt everyone. You are an expert lady in making new environments and easily adjust in it. You don’t have any complex. You are a simply nice person.

4. Long hair
Your super long hair reveals about that you are a very dreamy girl and careful as well. You have the patience to face any problem that comes in your life. When you are in love you surrender yourself completely. You are demanding with your partner. You love to look like as your partner’s want. You are really sincere with your partner. And you also fight for your rights and do impossibles in your own way. You have a passion for achieving the goals.

5. Half shoulder hairstyle
You are a woman who really likes to roam around the people. You love to join the social gathering. You are a likable person in your gathering. And everyone enjoys your company because of your lovely and friendly nature. Your hairstyle reveals more that you are a romantic girl in your personal life. You have a capability to balance your personal and professional life.

6. Tom boy hairstyle
You are like to invent something new. You are a creative lady, like to make your own a right way. Very confident person. You are love to make new friends but forget the old ones. Easy to adjust in every situation. You love your personal life. You don’t want to interfere in your personal affairs. You are not very punctual in your professional life. Not very complexed lady. You have the stamina to solve your issues by yourself. Have perfect solution of every problem. You are a cool lady and you want to enjoy the every moment in your life.

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