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Dad Attacks Pro-Wrestler For Spitting on His Young Daughter

A wrestler named Devin Danger was attacked by a father after he spit gum at a young child in the audience.

The event went down when Devin Danger was making his way to the ring. As you can see in the video, he passed through the crowd of fans, which included a young girl who wanted to give the wrestler a high-five.

Danger stopped and noticed the young girl in the audience. He stuck his hand out to shake her hand, but as she reached forward he pulled back and quickly spit his gum in her direction.

The father of the little girl was not happy about it and that’s when he decided to run down to the ringside area and punches were thrown and sending him down to the floor and letting him know what a real punch feels like.

Devin Danger took to Twitter to let everyone know that he had apologized to the father and the little girl immediately after this went down: “I apologized to the girl & her father the night it happened. The gum wasn’t intended to hit her, that was an accident. I am again very sorry.”

What Danger did was obviously unacceptable. The apology doesn’t mean much when the decision to do such a thing is completely idiotic. At least he took a few punches and the whole thing was caught on camera for the modern day obligatory internet shaming.

Watch the video below…

Source: viralthread

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