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12 Year-Old Girl Given Three Months To Live Can Smile Again After Surgeons Remove Football-Sized Tumour Which Engorged Entire Face

A young Cameroonian girl can finally smile after a football-sized tumour engulfing her face was removed.

, 12 year-old was being slowly suffocated to death and struggled to eat as the tumour grew over a five-year period.

Her pain came to an end after a surgeons aboard the Africa Mercy, a hospital ship, docked in Cameroon. She underwent surgery that saved her life.

Dr Gary Parker, the chief medical officer of the charity, said, Kaltoumi is among many people who are unable to access or afford surgery in many African countries.

‘Because of lack of access to the care she needed, a 12-year-old girl ended up with a massive tumour threatening her life,” he said.

Kaltoumi, who was given a few months to live because of the tumour, was able to undergo the surgery after the Cameroonian government flew to the port.

“It feels like a heaviness has been lifted from me,” she said after the surgery.

The young girl not only dreams of going back to school, she also wants to contribute to the family farm by expanding it and selling produce at the market. She also wishes to get married and have children in the future- something made possible with the removal of the tumour.

Source: face2faceafrica

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