Chinese Woman Pretends To Be In Her 20s Swindled 6Million Yuan From Her BF

A 42-year-old con artist identified as Wang Sanjie recently showed the extraordinary power of cosmetics, posing as a much younger woman, with her disguise, she managed to swindle her ‘boyfriend’ out of a whopping 6 million yuan ($955,000).

Wang’s fraud was discovered when Li Daqing went to Shenzhen police station and informed them about how he had recently noticed that millions of yuan were missing from his family business’s bank account on March 22.
Li confronted his younger brother, Li Xiaoqing, who was in charge of the business’s finances, about the missing funds. He eventually confessed that he had given the money to his ‘beautiful and young’ girlfriend, Wang Sanjie, who claimed to have some insider investing knowledge.

In addition, Li Xiaoqing also transferred money to Wang’s account for other reasons, including when Wang claimed that her mother had suffered a stroke and when she said that her family had racked up some serious gambling debts in Macau.

It is understood that the younger Li has made 150 transfers to Wang’s bank account from 2016 to the end of 2017. totaling 7 million yuan (RM4,300,000) He added that she also transferred back about 1 million yuan (RM616,000), calling them ‘dividends’ from her investments, however, that still left the business 6 million yuan in the hole.

Upon investigation, police discovered that Wang was not who she said she was. While Li Daqing had said that she was born in 1990, her identity car showed that she had in fact been born in 1976.

None of Li’s family could recognize the woman when police showed them the ID card photo. Li Daqing said that the photo looked like a completely different person from Wang, who would always wear heavy makeup.

Wang’s expert use of makeup reportedly made things quite difficult for the police as well. An officer told reporters that it was like they were searching for three different people: Wang with no makeup, Wang with a little makeup, and Wang with a lot of makeup.

The police were eventually able to apprehend Wang, but not before she passed right in front of their eyes while they were looking for her at a subway station.

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