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Four Year Old-Girl Falls From 4-Storey Flat and Breaks Spine, But Miraculously Survives

A 4-year-old Filipino girl named Sachi Hailey Unique Cruz was visiting Singapore with her grandmother earlier in April for a vacation.

Julien Santelices, 24, the mother of the child, reportedly works in Singapore as a restaurant customer service officer, according to reports, and had Sachi and her mother stay at her apartment during their stay.

However, things took an unexpected turn last April 6, when the 4-year-old’s grandma left her alone in the apartment for 20 minutes, when she went out to buy food after making sure the gate and windows were closed.

After returning, she saw police officers at the foot of the apartment block, but continued to the flat. Julien told the Straits Times, “She went up to our flat and looked for Sachi but she was not in the apartment and the window was open.” “My mother went downstairs nervously to check what was happening and saw Sachi on the ground, together with the police and lots of people.”

The Singapore Civil Defence Force reported to the scene at 9.15pm that Friday and brought the 4-year-old to Changi General Hospital. According to reports, she was later transferred to the KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital in Sabah. The young girl had miraculously survived the fall, but suffered severe injuries as she had broken her spine and shoulder, and has internal bleeding in her lungs and liver.

“The only problem is we are in need of financial (help) to support her medical expenses. It’s an accident. No one wants this to happen,” Sachi’s mother continued. A crowdfunding page has since been set up to raise funds for the 4-year-old’s treatment, and they have managed to reach their goal of raising SGD$20,000 (approx.PHP791,333.02).

An update dated 12th April was posted on Sachi’s YouCaring page and it reads, “Sachi is already safe and out from ICU. She was already transferred from dependency to recovery ward. However, she is still under close monitoring as she is scheduled for a Cervical MRI this Friday, April 13. Only then we will know if she will have to undergo operation or not.” Source: YouCaring “With the power of prayers from all of you,

Sachi’s internal bleeding has already stopped but still under observation. The liver and lungs showed stability as of now but we do not want to feel complacent as organ trauma from a fall could have a different behavior later on – so please continue to include Sachi in your prayers.” “Her arm cast has already been removed but still wearing arm sling. Still, she is bed ridden and wearing neck braces due to spinal fractures but she is already safe from danger.” We’re glad that Sachi’s family has been able to reach their goal in order for her to get treatment. We wish this little girl a speedy recovery!

Source: worldofbuzz

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