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Young Filipino Groom Marries Two Brides Stir Controversy Online

When a man is married to more than one wife at a time, call this polygyny. Some cultures from different countries around the world permitted or legalize polygamy but the majority find it an unusual and unacceptable practice.

In the Philippines, marriage is a big deal since, the vast majority of relegion is Christianity. Even though the Philippines is exposed to a number of cultures, it still comes as a shock to Filipinos when they encounter something that is not common or ordinary.

A photograph of a man with two brides surfaced online, with an internet user a proud uncle named Ronquillo Guiambangan who shared the photograph. The proud uncle shared photos of his nephew’s wedding, and it has caught the attention of many netizens. Why you ask? Well, apparently, his nephew got married to two brides! The photos became controversial for many Christians in the Philippines.

But even as the wedding comes out as a culture shock to many, the wedding was pretty normal for the families involved as seen in the photos. Muslim men are allowed to marry as many brides as they want as long as they can financially support them.

ShareWhile some netizens criticized the groom for marrying two women, many netizens believe that the new family has the right to their own privacy, especially when they weren’t doing anything illegal. Some Facebook users even defended the trio, saying that people should respect their decision to marry each other.

Source: viral4real

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