Bodybuilder Died Of Cancer Caused By Drinking Excessive Energy Drinks

Dean Wharmby was a professional bodybuilder and a loving father of a beautiful daughter. He belongs to Manchester, England. They have to take a high amount of calories per day and he too used to take up to 1000 calorie every day. From vitamin supplements, eggs, proteins, to energy drinks and steroids, they have to take every single thing which helps in building muscles. In spite of this, they have to do excessive workouts regularly and have to keep themselves active all day. Dean used to drink 2 energy drinks daily during his workout sessions to keep himself awake while practicing.

Mr. Wharmby was living his life satisfyingly as a bodybuilder with his wife and daughter until he was diagnosed with cancer but he refused to have a chemotherapy. He decided to treat the disease naturally by eating healthy food and having a healthy lifestyle.
These things proved to be effective on disease and slowly the tumor begins to shrink. But soon he returned to his old habits of taking energy supplements and excessive workouts and the disease showed its symptoms again.

This time he was advised for chemotherapy but again he decided to fight the disease by himself. He tried to escape cancer by going to the healthy diet and all the other things he could do naturally but nothing worked.

He suddenly lost excessive weight and the disease completely took over his body. Unluckily, he died at the age of 39, leaving his young daughter and wife behind.

But the cause of cancer was shocking and unbelievable. When diagnosed with cancer doctors look into the real cause of his cancer and the cause turned out to be Energy drinks!!

Energy drinks are a very common thing that we see on daily basis and put in our refrigerators. You are giving death lurks a place to live in your fridge in the name of these drinks.


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