Drunk Man Wakes Up With Top of Finger Missing After Night Out–And Has No Idea How He Lost It

A 26 year-old man who went on a boozy night woke up missing a finger – and has no idea how it happened.

Dwayne Thompson, from Leicester, was enjoying a few drinks during a meal with friends when he blanked out at 10.30pm.

The next thing he remember, he was waking up in a ditch near a bus depot at 2.30am the next day with blood pouring down his hand and all over his clothes.

Dwayne later realised that the tip of his left middle finger was missing. Paramedics were called and he had an operation to stitch up the digit.

And after recovering from the mystery injury, Dwayne is on a mission to fill in the blanks

The dad-of-two, said: “I keep being asked where my finger is and what happened to it, and all I can say is ‘I don’t know mate’.
“I feel stupid not being able to answer.

Dwayne has no recollection of how he lost his finger following a night out with friend

“When I think back to it, I remember us having our photo taken at around 10.30pm and then nothing. My memory is completely blank. How I ended up where I did is a complete mystery. It’s like I just jumped through time to the bus depot.

“It’s pretty scary waking up without a piece of your finger and not knowing where it is. I need someone to tell me what I was doing.”
The only clues he has are dark photos on his mobile phone of Abbey Park, which is next to the bus station.

Cleaner Dwayne wants anyone who may have spotted him in Leicester city centre on November 3 last year to come forward.
He said: “Someone must have seen me as I was walking there. I’ll have walked past a few other bars.

“When I woke up my first thought was ‘where the hell am I?’. “I was looking around, and then I noticed my shirt and boots were covered in blood.”

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