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A Cute Young Boy Wows Netizens with her Unbelievable Transformation into a Stunning Lady


One Filipino transgender is now making waves on the internet after he shared photos of how he transformed from a cute, young boy into a beautiful woman. With her soft features and slender body, it’s hard to even imagine she was in fact a ‘he’!

Arar Marie Quiambao on Facebook revealed her transformation on the said social media site, attracting thousands of other users.

Apparently, she was born with male genitalia but have always identified herself as a female while growing up. Arar was very handsome as a young boy. As a matter of fact, his female friends would often tease him to “become a man” because his looks were a complete waste if he doesn’t. but his heart simply leaned towards the feminine side, and he slowly came out into the world with the help of friends and family.

What’s most surprising is, as the years passed, his looks slowly changed from that short-haired cute boy into what she is today: a beautiful young lady. She started out by joining gay beauty pageants and was able to take home crowns and awards every time.

Now women and men alike are falling for her!

Ngayon ko lang narealize ang gwapo ko pala dati nung bulay bulayan pako hahaha! Akalain mo yun magiging girlash lang…

Posted by Arar Marie Quiambao on Saturday, April 21, 2018

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