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94-Year-Old Woman, still going strong and she still has no plans to retire working At McDonalds

Loraine Maurer 94-year-old started working at McDonald’s since 1973, and her job has serving friendship. She’s been serving for 44 years and no plans of retiring and she still enjoys what she does every day. Dozens of loyal customers visiting the Evansville, Indiana location where she works to celebrate her 44 years of service, the Evansville […]


Woman Whose Husband Punched Her Every Time Someone ‘Liked’ One Of Her Facebook Photos Has To Have Her Face Rebuilt

A 21 year old Paraguayan woman has been forced to undergo reconstructive surgery on her face after her jealous husband punched her every time someone ‘liked’ her pictures on Facebook. Adolfina Camelli Ortigoza had been held against her will in the couple’s home. She was subjected to constant beatings by her 32-year-old husband, police say. […]