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Meet the Tallest Couple In The World

Couple Sun Mingming and wife Xu Yan from China are the tallest married couple in the world. They measure 7ft 8.98 in and 6 ft 1.74 in respectively, having a combined height of 13 ft 10.72 in when measured in Beijing, China, on 14 November 2013. Sun Mingming currently holds the record for the tallest […]

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13 Unbelievable Coincidences That That Leave Us With Many Questions About the World

Coincidences happen all the time, there’s no question about that. Below are 12 unbelievable coincidences that demonstrate just how unpredictable and mysterious our world is. 1. Enzo Ferrari – Mesut Özil Enzo Ferrari, who founded the Ferrari Company, died in 1988. About a month later, the footballer Mesut Özil was born. Looking at their portraits, […]